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How do I register to compete?

Follow the steps below:


Join a DogsNZ affliated club (like WDTA)

Whangarei Dog Training Association (WDTA) is an affiliated club of DogsNZ.  You need to be a current member of a club to compete.


Join DogsNZ

Registration with DogsNZ requires a yearly fee. Your DogsNZ number will have 6 digits (eg, 101010). 

NOTE: this step is optional - but limits the types of events you can compete in if you choose not to.


Register your dog with DogsNZ

If you have a Dogs NZ registered dog already (ie a purebred dog from a breeder), you don’t need to do this step 
Otherwise, complete the form below.


Get your permanent agility number

Each dog has its own unique agility number. It has a letter first, followed by 3 digits

(eg, A123).


Get your dog measured

Arrange to have your dog measured at your club or a local event. The measure must be conducted by an official measurer.  The dog must be 18 months old.



You can now enter shows. 

Sign up to Showsec to enter online, and view live results.

You can also enter shows online through the Dog Agility website:

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