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Step by step guide to entering your first show:

Complete steps 1-3 for a Ribbon Trial,
and steps 1-6 for a Championship Show


Get a permanent number

You will be allocated a number starting with 1 or 2 letters, based on the year of your dogs birth, followed by 3 digits based on your dogs height. For example AA123.  This is the number that you use on the day for recording your results, and this number will stay with your dog forever


Get your dog measured

Dogs must be measured no earlier than 4 weeks before they turn 18months old, and 2 weeks before turning 2 years old. You will need to complete step 1 before getting your dog measured.


Enter your first Ribbon Trial

You are now ready to enter your first Ribbon Trial.

Sign up to Showsec to enter online and view live results

You can also enter shows online through the Dog Agility website:


Join a club

You must be a member of a DogsNZ affiliated club to enter Champ Shows.


Join DogsNZ

All owners and handlers of the dog must be financial members of DogsNZ. Membership numbers are 6 digits long, and start with 0 or 1.


Register your dog with DogsNZ

Pedigree dogs are given a registration number that is 5 digits, followed by the year of registration (12345-2023). 

Non pedigree dogs are given a number starting with OB followed by 4 digits (OB/1234).

Thats it! You can now enter all shows!

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