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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Measuring

Does my dog need to be measured to compete in NALA?

In an ideal world all dogs would be measured and competing at their measured height. However, it is recognised that our (and our members) relative geographical isolation can make this a challenging task, particularly for first-time competitors.


Please contact us if you have a dog you would like to compete with that has not got an official measure.


How do I get my dog measured?

  1. This is a multi-step process:

  2. Train your dog to stand still so that they can be measured, even with strange people waving strange objects around the dog's shoulders. Your agility instructor can give you advice on how to do this.

    • Find out when measuring is taking place and make contact with the measurer/organiser:

    • Check the NZ Dog Agility Facebook group for posts.

    • Check the Dog Agility calendar for measuring workshops.

    • Ask your instructor if they know when a measuring workshop is happening.

  3. BEFORE the day: Get an "Agility Number" for your dog.

  4. ON the day: keep calm. Your preparation, especially step #1, will pay off.

FAQ - NALA Gamblers game

If the handler steps into the Gamble area after the end-of-gamble horn sounds, but before the dog passes over the final obstacle do they retain or lose their gamble points?

They lose their gamble points.


Can the start obstacle be scored again during the PAP after it was used as the start obstacle?

Yes. Note that all obstacles, including the start obstacle, may only be scored a maximum of twice during the Points Accumulation Period (PAP).


If the course does not designate the start obstacle as scoring or non-scoring which is it?

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Service NameWhat’s the procedure when there’s a timing failure in Gamblers (and also Blackjack and Snooker)?

A full re-run. The handler is not required to complete the course in the same way as previously.

FAQ - Resources

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