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Agility - Foundations

An 8-week course covering the foundation skills needed to start your agility journey.


We provide a fun and safe environment where you will build a positive training relationship with your dog. You will learn how to apply good reinforcement strategies to get the most out of your training.

We will be using flatwork, cones and tunnels to progress through the foundations that will set you up for a fun and successful agility journey with your dog.


  • Dogs must be 6 months or over

  • Fully vaccinated and registered




October 15, 2024




Barge Showgrounds




Club Rules

Class and club members are asked to comply with the following at all times. These guidelines and rules have been created in order that you and your dog(s) are kept comfortable and safe while using the club facilities and participating in club activities.

  1. No bitches in season (on heat) on the grounds at any time during club activities.

  2. ALWAYS clean up after your dog(s). You are responsible for providing your own poo bags and disposal. Our grounds are a public park and used for recreational and sporting purposes by large numbers of people at various times.

  3. Dogs are to be under control at all times (i.e. on lead) unless for specific training exercises or in supervised play/exercise when the grounds are quiet.

  4. Dogs are to be restrained – on lead, tethered or crated in vehicles during class setting up and class activities where not directly involved ie not your turn.  Dogs should not be left tethered unsupervised – especially when members of the public are on the grounds. Tethered dogs should be wearing a soft webbing or leather collar and have a lead short enough to prevent the possibility of lunging.

  5. Instructors are in charge of their classes. They are volunteers who give up considerable time on a regular basis to help people and their dogs learn and enhance their relationship with each other. Please respect and take heed of their instructions, especially around safety practices.

  6. No harsh handling or maltreatment of dogs will be tolerated. Incidents will be reported to the Committee and a decision made concerning consequences. 2 Last updated May 2022

  7. If your dog is reactive/fearful/needs more personal space than normal – please ensure you inform your instructor and take appropriate measures to ensure your dog and other dogs and people are safe.

  8. No smoking in class or in the clubhouse.

  9. When arriving for classes please be aware when parking either on the grounds or in carpark that there may be dogs running free (however, see also 3 and 4 above) and small children about.

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