Below are the classes we are currently offering.

We recommend you check our Facebook page regularly for updates (especially confirmed venues and days/times) as well as our website.

Please note: WDTA expects all dogs participating in classes to have current local council registration and to have up to date vaccinations including Canine Cough (Kennel Cough).

Pet Dog Manners (PDM)

PDM is a 8-week foundation course covering basic handling, manners and confidence building for your dog. 

The next course will be held in early 2023. Please check our website and Facebook page regularly for details of the next course.

    Canine Good Basics (CGB)

    The next Canine Good Basics (CGB) training course starts on Monday 10th October.

    The first evening will be an introductory evening held at its Otaika Sportsground Clubhouse at 6pm.

    This first evening will be for people only (no dogs on this one evening).

    Please bring your Dog's Vaccination card - it must be sighted to take part in the training. 

    Training with dogs will commence on Monday 17th October at 6.30pm

    Venue:  Harvey Norman Carpark

    Canine Good Basics is a programme that is intended to be readily achievable for any dog and handler and a step towards Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certifications.

    The Canine Good Basics exercises reflect what is expected of a pet dog in the learning stages of its training.  It is achievable for the average pet dog owner and, like CGC, is based on practical everyday tasks.

    Training and assessments will be free to all WDTA members. (How to Join the club).

    Please contact Deborah Gillam  if you have any questions.

    CGB Certificates will be presented to members who pass the assessment at the end of the course.

    Canine Good Citizens (CGC)

    CGC Foundation & Bronze training starts on Monday 10th October.

    There are standard requirements for those wishing to be assessed for CGC.

    Dogs must be over 12 months of age.

    All Dogs must be registered with their local authority and be fully vaccinated including Kennel Cough.

    Dogs having been taught the following exercises may be eligible for assessment:

    • Appearance and Grooming
    • Food manners
    • Accepting Friendly Strangers
    • Walking in a controlled manner with distractions and through people
    • Stay tied
    • Control around other dogs
    • There will also be written questions for the owner.

    Please contact Deborah Gillam   for more information.

    ​​​​CGC Silver and Gold

    For further information please email

    CGC is an ongoing course that further develops handling, manners, social skills, confidence building and many day-to-day skills for both you and your dog.

    This class teaches dogs to be confident with the basic skills, working close proximity to other dogs and have a reliable off lead recall. We cover all skills to help your dog be a well rounded companion and also enable you to sit your Foundation & Bronze, Silver and Gold Canine Good Citizen assessments.

    This is an ongoing course that is free to all WDTA members.

    Kids Club with Chris

    Held: Monday 5:30 pm at Otaika Sports Grounds

    ​​​​​​​This fun & informative class for kids will cover basic handling skills and help them to develop a strong relationship with their dog. There will also be some basic agility mixed in to give them a taste of what they can do competitively and other foundations skills that will prepare them to go on to participate in our other classes.

    Numbers are strictly limited and conditions apply.

    Contact Chris - to further discuss joining this class.

    Beginners Agility with Anne and Shona

    Held: Wednesday 5.45pm at Otaika Sports Grounds

    The Beginners Course is 8 weeks long and held 2 or 3 times during the year.

    Numbers are limited.

    Please regularly check WDTA Facebook page and this website for updates or contact Anne or Shona as below.

    Open to WDTA members (How to Join the club). It is highly recommended that potential participants have completed PDM (above) or a similar basic training programme.

    Note also, agility is a sport that requires the dog to be under control off lead.

    The Beginners Class:

    • Introduces agility to handlers and dogs as fun and interesting through the use of treats(food), toys and positive verbal responses in training.
    • Reinforces basic training skills such as sit, down, come, wait as expected skills in agility training.
    • Helps handlers understand ways to teach their dog using luring, targeting and shaping;the importance of teaching each thing accurately and with speed as well as the ability to perform despite everything else around them changing. (DAWG Foundation Agility Manual 2013).
    • There are minimum age and skill requirements for dogs to participate in this class.

    Enquiries to Anne or Shona

    Intermediate Agility with Chris

    Held: Monday 6pm at Otaika Sports Grounds

    Open to all WDTA members who have completed the Beginners agility class.

    This class builds confidence for both yourself and your dog and grows skills learned in the beginners class. 

    Contact Chris -

    WDTA Team Agility co-ordinated by Anne

    Held: Wednesdays at Otaika Sports Ground. 5:45 pm.

    Please check Facebook for confirmation class going ahead each week .

    Open to all WDTA members who have completed the Beginners Agility class, those that are planning to or already compete in Agility, have previous experience in Agility or have completed the Intermediate class on Mondays. 

    Some beginners can transition to this class if they are unable to attend on Monday and the instructors agree they are ready to cope with the challenge

    This class consists of a couple of different skill development exercises and a small course each week with all of the trainers/members working together to help each other achieve their goals. Our competing members will be available to mentor and share their knowledge.

    Enquiries to Anne

    For any other AGILITY enquiries and to find the right agility class for you and your dog:

    We have classes available to suit all levels.

    Enquiries are to be directed to Chris: